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Frais /: a french word that translates into something fresh or cool, like a breeze or that person you know who is like no one else you have ever met before.

Miss Frais is an Artist/Designer who wants to inspire people to find themselves, to explore the magic of this world and create wearable art.

It all started with the need to express feelings and the outlet was paper, paint and markers. For a while it was just faces of sad girls, unhappy girls, angry girls and wishful ones. The desire was to become amazing and to find that one thing that would make me happy, something I could do every day and love every minute of it. I kept painting every day and also started using my clothes and shoes as canvas, the result was fantastic! I had mixed my passion for fashion with my love for art and something magical came out of it.

This Brand/Art Movement/Online Store is my dream come true, and is the beginning of my way to become who I am and to share it with you so I thank you infinitely for your love and support.

Magic Happens, MT