Best Day Ever with Miss Frais & Charlie July 10, 2020 – Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I met Charlie on instagram a few weeks ago when I posted something about the Dreamer app on my stories and I got a message from him saying hello dreamer! We started to talk about doing something in Miami and he decided to re route his tour and come to meet me and create The Best Day Eva together.

best day ever with Miss Frais & Charlie Rocket

He picked me up in his big Dream Machine called Dreamy and we went to Downtown to our first location RAW Juice to meet with everyone and start our Best Day Ever!

RAW Juice is one of my favorite places to get my green juices, they where super kind to support our endeavors and gave us goodies so we could give them to people that crossed our paths that day, from left to right: Tanner our videographer, Charlie Rocket, Chris Curran, Jordan Meyers, Miss Frais and Typical Tom superstar photographer taking the photo.

Thank you so much everyone for joining us to create the Best Day Ever!

We went to a restaurant and gave the employees a little surprise, when we walked out of the restaurant one of our friends, Austin Reynolds, went to this valet parking who probably was not having lots of work and he asked if he had change for a $20, the guy didn’t had any, and each one of us came up to him and gave him a $10, telling him here you go man now you have enough change, Austin gave him the $20 and said its ok keep the change 🙂 then I approached him and told him that we wanted to create the Best Day Ever for him and to let him know that he is important in this world and that we believed in him and his dreams, to share the energy and the moment he had just experienced with others around him and to remember that everything is possible. All I can say is that he was really happy and we made his day 🙂

Here is Austin on the left smiling and looking into his phone, he is the kindest most amazing and caring soul I have met, Austin and Charlie are very alike, they both are helping people in the world, they really listen, they care to help this world, they are not afraid of anything and they are Quantum citizens. Thank you for existing in this planet it has been an honor to have spent the day with you guys.

Then we helped a family that needed some supplies, she had 3 daughters and needed pampers and masks for her family. The girls wrote their dreams on the bus, they where really cute they dreamed of a new barbie doll to play with 🙂

We where on our way to get lunch when Jordan spots a lady with a fruit stand on a corner not far away from the family we had just visited, he proposed to buy all the fruit from the lady and that would be our lunch, the idea was fantastic, the lady was so happy and she wanted us to take everything with us, she experienced something magical is what she said to me when we where leaving, she said it was a dream come true.

I will be coming back to buy more of the pineapples they where my favorites!!!

To end our journey we went to the stadium in Key Biscayne and played friendly basketball with everyone that showed up to celebrate the Best Day Eva! And we gave away small surprises for all the employees at the restaurant next to where we parked.

Tom superstar photographer wearing the best day ever hat by Miss Frais.

Tom was our super star photographer of the day and right away he was editing and sharing all the amazing photos he took during our best day ever adventure, when I met him I was wearing the Best Day Eva hat but something inside me told me that the hat was made for him, so I gave it to Tom and he was supper happy because he loves and collects hats. I took his picture when he was editing in the bus, wearing the hat.

One of the coolest moments for me was when we saw this sign, it made me think that what we where doing that day will infinitely impact our lives and the lives of those around us.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to celebrate and create the Best Day Eva, specially Charlie for coming all the way to Miami and believing in me, for organizing the day and giving us the resources to help the community, I Love You so much, I support what you do and now I am officially a Quantopia citizen!

Take my hand and let’s go on adventure time, let’s create the Best Day Eva every day of our lives, let’s share this day with others and teach them that all you need to have the best day ever is yourself and your hearth open to infinite possibilities.


Miss Frais