Blooming Clouds, art exhibit by Miss Frais April 24, 2021


I stopped by this place many times with my bike and never knew what it was, until that day,

the door was open and I parked my bike and presented myself to the owner of the shop,

Melchior Ved, the creative visionary behind a unique place that I immediately wished to be a part of.

It happened so fast and before I knew it, I had a full on art exhibit in a matter of 3 days,

perfect time  for the opening of Miami Art week 2020. My dream came true.



With the help of my dear ones we put on a delightful show, the people who where there made the whole

event very special and intimate, they came to support my dream, I know this is what I am supposed to do

for the rest f my life.



The place came to life once we installed all the artworks, seeing them there melted my heart into liquid

love feelings, a thrill spinning in every atom of my body, a song that could only be seen but not heard, a

moment in time forever imprinted in my soul.




I wore one of my hand painted  dresses, the one I painted at the art party in the Miss Frais Mansion

and paired it with one of the custom made one of a kind jackets designed by Melchior Ved.



Big thanks to my dear Christopher Madden for your help and time and energy, the flowers where

incredible and made the artworks stand out.




Here I am live painting one of the hand made tailored suits from Melchior Ved, the owner of Bespoke

Miami. The clouds represent freedom and joy for every single day.



 Miss Frais Blooming Clouds art exhibit 2020 Design District Miami




Miss Frais art exhibit blooming clouds

click the link to watch video of the event.