Miss Frais painting Rue Vendome in Miami February 9, 2021


When Angela asked me to be part of the artists painting the historical Rue Vendome for the Miami City I was beyond grateful and excited! such an honor to be part of something that was fun and creative and a one of a kind experience.

Some of my friends came by and brought their kids to paint along, it was an activity for adults and kids and everyone expressed themselves in their own way. The selected artist for this project guided and encouraged everyone to participate, I saw incredible talented and passionate people there, having so much fun and expressing  joy with each other.

I loved seeing how many people showed up and shared their beautiful energy, the colors and shapes that transformed the simple color asphalt into a emotional, collaborative and creative effort to share love in the community, it moved my soul and made me realize why I do this.

This was another artist that participated who I can’t remember the name but his artworks where very nice and he was wearing a cool outfit. We didn’t had any easels so we all displayed our artworks on chairs and in the floor, hence in a previous photo I am crouching next to my paintings on the floor…

And off course here I am painting a huge Miss Frais, as you can see it was not a fancy shmancy art exhibit but it was a fun experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life, I shared this moment with people I care for and got to meet inspiring people who are also following their dreams.


Thank You for reading me.


Miss Frais

Ps: I just got my official business license for my online art agency that will launch this year YAAAAAAAY